Hello! Just wanted to say that I am back from vacation (yes, I know I didn’t announce that I was even going in the first place). So now I am planning on posting as frequently as I can!

A word about my time away and vacations in general. My parents own a time share in Oahu, Hawaii (yes, I know, I live an unfortunate life 😉 ) and someone said to me, “Oh, how nice! Now you’re forced to go on vacation!” And I thought yes, we are literally forced to go on vacation, which seems ironic. However, it is a sadly prevalent fact that many people will never take vacations. They don’t take time off or they don’t take the time off they are given by their company, etc etc. This can be seen at a microcosm level as well. How many people do you know that overwork themselves and never slow down? People who always have things to do (I am a culprit of this, I admit), people who do NOT know how to relax. Often times it takes a huge change in a person’s life to make them reshuffle their priorities. What are some priorities that you know should be at the top of your list but aren’t? Why aren’t they at the top of the list? Vacation is one of those things that often isn’t at the tops of our lists. How do we change that? How do you deal with people around you that seem to be incapable of relaxing? How does your yoga or meditation practice help you put all this into perspective? I plan on addressing the issue of learning to unwind and relax throughout my blog.

Namaste. Jenna

photo credit: Jeff Kubina