Hello all!  365 Days of Yoga update. I’ve started my 365 Days of yoga and it’s going pretty well so far! I have managed to make it through the week getting in some yoga every day. Things I’ve noticed about doing something every day:

1. When you do something every day, it can become routine. This is good and bad thing. You will get into a good habit but you can also fall victim to doing the same kind of yoga or the same kind of thing. I will need to be careful to mix it up.

2. Having a routine established allows you to add an invisible foundation and architecture to your life that no one really has to know about outside your home.

3. Doing yoga every day doesn’t give me the chance to argue with myself about whether or not I will do yoga the next day or the next. I just do it and that’s that. That saves me from a lot of mental arguing that I tend to do with myself.

4. It’s only the beginning. We’ll see what other things I learn from this.

What habits do you have that add joy or happiness to your life? What is it about doing something every day that speaks to you?

Namaste. Jenna

photo via tanakawho