Someone very dear to me gave me a wonderful birthday present. I love photography and want it to be a supplementary career someday. I’ve also been wanting to sell my photos on places like etsy to see if people like what I do or not. That being said, he sneakily went on my  computer and had a photo I took in a botanical garden blown up to about a 16×20 or something. Here is the photo he gave me:

© property of Jenna Pacelli. All rights reserved. 2010

I was so excited because the shot (if you don’t mind my being a little confident for a second) turned out beautifully in such a large print size. The moral of the story is that he made me feel good about myself and a hobby I love through a gift. He gave me some confidence to actually feel like some of my stuff might sell some day with a lot of hard work and enthusiasm. What kinds of gifts have you given or been given that have made you feel wonderful but were simple and thoughtful in design? I’d really like to know what kinds of things people do to make one another feel special (especially through gifts since holiday season is coming up) so please comment and tell everyone!!

I will post a few more random shots I’ve taken in a subsequent post (probably as a special weekend post).

Namaste. Jenna