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Got a recommendation for a cool rock climbing/yoga apparel company called Prana and their stuff is unique and interesting! Just a little pricey….but I loved their logo! So appropriate for remembering your roots in yoga and prana itself (not referring to the company this time).

A useful YJ article about centering your energy and preparing yourself for meditation. [Yoga however is the obvious choice because of the contrast you create between the heat (usually) generated in a practice and the subsequent cooling and relaxation that follows.] But we don’t always have the time for a full-blown session, as we all know.

I really want to make these homemade Twix bars as presents for people through the holiday season.

Want to combine goal setting and yoga? Yoga Nidra is for you. Yoga Nidra is Sanskrit for Yogic Sleep and allows the practitioner to plant seeds of positive affirmations in the subconscious mind, giving that seed the ability to sprout and manifest in the person’s life. Check out this introductory article from myyogaonline about Yoga Nidra. They even have yoga nidra tracks you can buy and download.

Have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.

Namaste. Jenna