Hello and happy weekend!

For all the girls out there, Oprah Magazine put together a good slideshow of 31 ways to speed up your beauty routine. What better way to have more time for yoga and enjoying yourself when you streamline a superfluous aspect of life like getting ready in the morning?

I’ve been thinking about “barefoot running” to return to my evolutionary roots. I’ve heard it’s a scam and I’ve heard they’re great. Any opinions?

An interesting article from Chris Guillebeau about the concept of “killing time.” Is this really a positive idea? Live your life deliberately. You only get one.

The importance of sleep and the effects sleep deprivation have on us by Mark over at Primal Blueprint. I have not been getting enough sleep lately due to school and all the things going on and I almost get upset when this happens because I know how bad it is for me. I know that when I need coffee, I haven’t been doing a good enough job sleeping.

I am itching to go backpacking. Someone dear to me is leading an Outdoor Adventures trip (the UCLA group that leads wonderful outdoorsy trips) to earn his candidacy to be a Primary Guide! I’m so excited for him because he is in Yosemite leading a group of novice backpackers through the snow that just recently fell, making all the decisions, keeping everyone safe, being the leader that he is, and creating a weekend full of wonderful memories for all the participants. Wish him luck!! The photo above reminded me of this.

Namaste. Jenna

photo courtesy of TroyMason