Christmas and the holidays have become more about consumerism and less about what they were intended for: the birth of Christ (if you’re Christian) and spending time with loved ones. While I think we all would like to create something meaningful as presents for the people we care about, we can’t possibly do it for everyone as these kinds of presents require a lot of thought and love.

The problem with consumerism and just buying things for people is that it creates waste, continues the cycle of consumerism, uses natural resources we don’t need to deplete any more of, and don’t really give the recipient real happiness. Instead, consider writing them a letter telling them what they mean to you, or take them on a day trip or dinner to give them the gift of memories, or make something yourself.

How many store-bought presents given to you can you remember? Usually the ones I remember are ones that were bought together to remind ourselves of a weekend spent together or something I wear or use every day. Other than that, I could not remember for the life of me what people gave me in the past. Homemade gifts are the exception to this rule.

So this holiday season, try to give from the heart and avoid the store. I will be writing more about generosity and giving in the next week as living in abundance is such an important thing to do and can show you who you really are.

Namaste. Jenna

photo courtesy of mmlolek