“I’ve discovered that the most amazing things happen to you when you are standing around sharpening a pencil or doing something equally mundane, thinking absolutely nothing exciting is ever going to happen.” -Jean Van Leeuwen.

Some amazing things have happened to me when I least expected it. I’ve met some amazing people, fallen in love, achieved things I never thought were possible, and laughed my butt off with the most unexpected people. How about you? Just goes to show how much beauty is around us that we miss because we don’t pay attention to the mundane. Pay attention! What are you waiting for? I think tomorrow, I am going to walk around without looking at my phone, messing with my backpack, and just look around as I walk. This may sound absurd but so many of us walk around with our noses in our phones. I can’t count how many times I’ve almost run into someone or been run into because one of us was on our phones. And not only look, but think about what you’re seeing! As I am in my second to last quarter at UCLA, I feel this urge to walk down our famous Janss steps as much as I can as the view from the top to the bottom is quite gorgeous.

Namaste. Jenna