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1. Start the day with 5 Sun Salutations – It’s meditation, movement, yoga, and deep breathing all in one. Some resources to get you started: 

Sun Salutations Explained

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) A

Surya Namaskar B

2. Cook once, eat twice or even three times – Make a lot of healthy food when you do cook so that when hunger strikes, you can stave it easily with the healthy food you’ve already prepared rather than buying food from the vending machine or succumbing to the office doughnuts and cake.

3. Make your workouts count with High intensity interval training (HIIT) – One of the best ways to get fit, quick. Check out The Daily HIIT or Turbulence Training for great places to get started, for free. 

4. Effortlessly fix your posture – Replace your chair at work with an exercise ball –  don’t worry about what your co-workers think – you’ll have a strong core, a healthier spine, and better posture in no time.

5. Add a boost to everything you eat – Throw greens into anything you cook for some added nutritional value. This will also help you lose weight without thinking about it. 

6. Automize Healthy Produce – Get involved with a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – CSA’s are amazing because you can have a variety of seasonal, organic produce delivered to your house weekly. No more shopping for produce! How to find a CSA near you here

7. Use your time wisely – Cook whole grains in a pressure cooker or rice maker and workout while it’s cooking. Don’t forget to cook in big batches! 

8. Schedule your down time – Block it off in your calendar and honor the promise you make to yourself around that. For that time, turn off your cell phone and all other technology and give yourself that much-needed relaxation. You will be more productive in all areas of your life if you can effectively disconnect periodically. 

Namaste, Jenna

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Image Jenna Pacelli is a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga teacher in the San Francisco Bay area who loves to run, sleep under the stars, bake things, and dream about all the ways she can help people get healthier, happier and more balanced. 


Top photo courtesy of Dan Iggers