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Yesterday, I asked you a myriad of questions to help you ponder your own relationship with life and food. Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, consider the following. And these are ALL true. Don’t try to wiggle your way out of these basic truths in order to continue to justify your own behavior.
1. Life was not bestowed upon us so that we would be happy all the time. Suffering is part of human existence and it’s how we cope with that that matters. After working extensively in the wilderness therapy field, one of THE biggest reasons kids ended up in the desert against their will was because they expected life to be a bunch of roses and rainbows and when it wasn’t, they turned to food/substances/emotionally or sexually acting out and so on in an attempt to feel happy all the time.
2. Geneen Roth, a pioneer in the field of emotional eating and compulsive behavior and a lecturer at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I am training to be a health coach, said: “For every diet, there is an equal and opposite binge.” When you restrict yourself, you will very likely experience an equal and opposite reaction. Diets don’t work. UCLA did a study that proved that the biggest predictor to weight gain was being on a diet. Not sure how this is possible? Email me at jenna@jennapacelli.com and we can set up a free consultation.
3. Life is NOT about the end point or the outcome. We must let go of the outcome (thinner, richer, wiser, more stable…) and instead embrace the journey. This is crucial because then we can understand that each and every meal is a new opportunity to nourish our bodies. Also, understanding this helps us obsess less over  all the “if onlys..” and trying to reach some non-existant perfect outcome. It’s never going to happen until you’re reborn as a god. And even the gods, in certain traditions, had their flaws.
4. You are not crazy if you have a “drug of choice” (it can be anything- food, substances, only thinking about yourself, sex, gambling, starving yourself, exercising too much). You are trying to escape from your life in some way or another and it’s not the drug of choice that is the primary experience, it’s the beliefs you have about life.
5. The purpose of healing is also not about being happy all the time. It’s about being awake and alive and experiencing the negative, challenging emotions just as deeply as you would like to experience joy and peace.
6. As I’ve said before, diets don’t work. When I work with clients, they start to understand that they never have to diet again. I don’t support diets and I don’t endorse anything but wholesome, lasting lifestyle change as a means to health and vitality. See number 2 above.
7. You must understand and contemplate: “Where is the health in your ‘insanity’?” What is this coping mechanism getting you? When you understand this element, you can understand how to move forward.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting some amazing eating guidelines that can get you started in the direction of intuitive and mindful eating and healing your relationship with food. 

And finally, on Saturday, I’m going to continue to debunk the false beliefs you may have about life that are holding you back from peace, joy, balance and presence.

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ImageJenna Pacelli is a Holistic Health Coach and yoga teacher at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She coaches yoga practitioners and busy professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and all over the world have more energy, curb cravings naturally, lose weight and keep it off without dieting, reduce stress levels, and live from a place of joy and authenticity. Her clients create lasting change and fully embodied health and wellbeing.

Jenna believes that by creating health and wellness at the physical, emotional and mental levels, it is inevitable that joy and a deep understanding of one’s purpose follow.