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So so warm, comforting and satisfying for the cold rainy days we’re having here in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Shout out to all my clients who like warm, satisfying comfort foods- this is going to help you curb those sugar cravings!


1 c brown rice

1 c unsweetened almond, soy or hemp milk. Please avoid any non-dairy milks that have carageenan in them. And choose non-GMO, organic soy milks please!

1 tsp pure vanilla extract 

1/4 c raw cashews

1/4 c organic dried cranberries

sprinkle of cinnamon

about 1/2 tsp cardamom 

1 tsp Grade B maple syrup (if you really must have it!)


Soak the brown rice and cashews separately for 24 hours in cool, fresh water. 

Drain the soak water and cook the brown rice: Either make it in a rice maker (preferable and will save you time) or put the cup of brown rice in a large pot and add 2.5 cups of fresh water. Bring rice and liquid to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered, until tender and all the water has been absorbed (about 40-50 min). 

If you made the rice in the rice maker, transfer it to a pan and add the milk. Add all other ingredients except maple syrup. Simmer over medium heat until all ingredients are warm and cashews are soft-ish.


Time saver: Make a BIG batch of brown rice at the beginning of your week and save in the fridge. This recipe will take you less than 10 minutes each time you make it. 


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Jenna Pacelli is a Holistic Health Coach and yoga teacher at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She coaches yoga practitioners and busy professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and all over the world. She assists her clients in having more energy, curbing cravings naturally, losing weight and keeping it off without dieting, reducing stress levels, and living from a place of joy and authenticity. Her clients create lasting change and fully embodied health and wellbeing.