Namaste Divine beings!
This smoothie is creamy and delicious! I’ve been struggling with my own energy levels lately and actively working on figuring out what’s best for my body. So I came up with this recipe to fuel my day and keep my blood sugar steady.

no soy, gluten, or animal products:

1 c hemp milk
1 c organic spinach
6 ounces So Delicious cultured coconut milk- Plain (comes in a yogurt container)
1 banana
3 dates (be sure to take the pits out if you’re not using a VitaMix)
2 tbsp melted extra virgin coconut oil

The health benefits of these ingredients :
-adding greens to any smoothie add tons of nutritional benefits to it.
-cultured coconut milk is an excellent way to get probiotics and healthy bacteria in your gut for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption- many of us have compromised guts (indicated by extreme cravings for carbohydrates which may be an indicator that you have candida, or food allergies)
-dates supply long lasting, natural energy that is supportive of your adrenals, not harmful (like caffeine)
-extra virgin coconut oil provides medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), also a premium source of non-adrenal stimulating fuel. Digestion of coconut oil or MCTs specifically is almost effortless, meaning that it won’t get stored in your cells and accumulate in toxic amounts like many other oils. MCTs are consumed by the liver for long lasting energy.