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Sick? Can’t seem to get over your cough/cold/bronchitis/congestion/pneumonia? I hear you. I’ve been hearing it all winter! Remember when Emergen-C was a big thing? Why didn’t it work as well as we thought? I know I would take a bunch of it and it never really helped that much. And how many times do I hear people talking about how much Emergen-c they’ve been taking and cannot seem to get better? Basically every day.

Vitamin C is obviously important but what people don’t know is that vitamin D3 is just as, if not more, important when it comes to building immunity and preventing illness. It is a totally underrated vitamin and most people think they get enough from the sun. But unless you’re living at the equator and are out in the sun with your skin exposed for a while every day, you’re not getting enough vitamin D.

Why should you care, though? Vitamin D aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, many types of cancer, depression, diabetes and obesity and you cannot get enough vitamin D from your diet alone. It will also help prevent illness and boost your immune system enough so you get over it faster.

So if you’re sick these days, get some sun. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends taking 2,000 IUs a day as a maintenance supplementation program. It may also be appropriate for you to take more in the winter. I’m taking 4,000 IUs these days. The simplest way to get vitamin D however is through sunlight. People with fairer skin may need about 45 minutes a week of their face, arms and legs exposed while those with darker skin may need more like three hours a week. You can also get vitamin D from eggs, fortified nut milk, cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring.

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How about you? Have you used vitamin D3 as a means of boosting your immune system? Have you felt better? And if not, would you try it?


headshotJenna is a board certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher and is the health and wellness expert for the global yoga community. She presents workshops and classes regularly at Google and at yoga studios around the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps her clients have more energy, lose weight without dieting, curb sugar cravings, and heal their relationship with food. She combines western holistic nutrition and eastern philosophy to maximize her clients’ transformations.


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