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When food is controlling us rather than us controlling our food, we struggle. We may gain weight, have lackluster energy or find ourselves in the clutches of lifestyle-related disease. More importantly, we cannot fulfill our dharma when we are still stuck in lower-level chakra blockages. What I mean is if you cannot move past your addiction to cheese, sugar or any other addictive foods, you will create blockages in your lower chakras, the energy centers that allow you to manifest in the world. When we are blocked in our lower chakras and worldly matters, we are unable to become fully expressed in in love, relationships, communication, and spiritual insight and wisdom.

When I was addicted to cheese and sugar, before I attended and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was not even close to feeling fully expressed because I was focusing so much on food and nutrition in my own life and this took up way too much of my energy.

I felt stuck and would have done anything to move forward in my own life. Now, granted, I am not a woman of inaction. On the contrary, I can tend to over-do it in the action area, which has its pros and cons. Regardless, I became a health coach. I was already a yoga teacher but I wasn’t fully expressed in that area either.

As I learned about health and wellness and how to break out of the grip of food addiction, my life seemed to blossom in so many ways. I got my finances in order, I lost weight, I started to speak my truth and come into alignment with what really mattered to me- devoting my life to Self Realization, among many other smaller victories. Not to mention I had the energy and mental capacity (because when we get sugar and processed foods out of our diet, we de-fog our brains) to create, focus, and build a business and life I love.

Food is the foundation for a life that matters and is fulfilling to us.

{When we are at peace with food, we start to find peace in other areas of our lives. Tweet It.}

I’m sure many of you would love to break free of your food addiction.

Breaking Free of Food Addiction. Four Steps:

  1. Deconstruct Your Craving – Keep a food journal. Note the times when you crave sweets or whatever food you’re craving. Is there a pattern? You’ll notice that maybe on the days you didn’t eat breakfast or didn’t workout in the morning, you crave sweets in the afternoon. Or when you had a hard day at work, you turn to food as comfort. Looking at the realities of your own life will help you understand the role foods play – and it may be different than people you know.
  2. Pay attention to your primary foods– How are you feeling in your relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality? Are all of these areas flowing for you? Are they fulfilling for you or are there things missing from them? Usually, when our primary foods are overflowing, we don’t have an issue with food addiction.
  3. Look for any gaps in your diet or the possibility of nutritional imbalances – This may require the expertise of a health coach or nutritionist. Are you eating 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day? Are you eating whole grains? Are you crowding out refined carbohydrates like pasta, crackers and chips?
  4. Join me tomorrow for my free Sugar Blues teleclass all about breaking free from your sugar addiction. Sign up here. Even if you can’t make it on the call itself, when you sign up you will be added to my newsletter and everyone on my newsletter will receive the recording of the call.

Final Words: You can create a life you love when you get your relationship with food in order. You don’t have to be addicted to sugar/cheese/meat/processed foods. Sometimes it helps to enlist the support of someone who’s been there, done that.

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Namaste Divine Being, Jenna