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sleepy boy

Sugar can make the tendons more brittle. Your tendons love yoga. They don’t love sugar. Give them what they love and they’ll love you back.

Sugar can make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen – the anti-aging benefits of inversions become meaningless if we don’t support them with a healthy, low-sugar diet.

Sugar can cause asthma – pranayama? No thanks, too difficult – I prefer my sugar.

High refined sugar diet reduces learning capacity. Svadhyaya, the study of scripture and one of the basic tenets of the eight limbs of yoga, becomes a lot more difficult if we’re struggling with brain fog.

Sugar feeds cancer and tumors. Getting cancer will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in this body, in this lifetime. The less time you’re on earth, the less time you have for Self-Realization.


What struggles do you have around sugar? It’s highly addictive and most people have some kind of craving for sugar. Join me this Saturday in San Francisco: Overcoming the Sugar Blues – Loosening the grip of sugar and other addicting foods to embrace a yogic life of true nourishment. 1-3:30 PM at Ocean Beach Yoga SF. Sign up HERE

Namaste Divine Beings. You deserve to be free of your addiction to sugar.