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DSC_0094-MFeel like you’re in a rut? That you’re living someone else’s life rather than your own? Here are some questions to ask yourself today (other than “What’s for dinner?”) and a crucial action step at the end:

1. What’s the real end goal? Some people think that health is the end goal. It’s really not for me. I love helping my clients rediscover their health so that they can then create the freedom that comes from feeling more confident in their bodies, having more energy so they can create more of what makes them come alive, and so on. What would you do if you didn’t feel so insecure about your body/skin/shape? What kind of work could you do if you weren’t addicted to caffeine and were running on natural energy? What doors would open up if you addressed the emotional struggles you’re having or looked at your emotions for the first time in your life?

2. What’s the purpose of your life? What gives you joy, meaning, fulfillment? I’ll give you a hint- it’s not all the partying you’re doing or used to do, or how good looking your boyfriend is or how much money you make. But you already know that. Why were you put on earth? The ancient yogis had some powerful ideas to pass down to us. I suggest studying the ancient Vedic texts to help guide you. I used the Vedas and yogic philosophy to coach my clients back toward wholeness (because they just got lost there for a second and forgot that they were whole to begin with). You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you want to end up.

3. What’s keeping you stuck? Are you ready to address the more everyday, mundane aspects of life like food, finances, and your career so that you can discover the more mysterious, wondrous parts of your being? Do you understand that you are not, in fact, your mind? What does it feel like to observe the silence in between your thoughts? Are you listening to the messages your heart and intuition are giving you? These things start to inhabit the place that the every day issues were residing and you can begin to really start to answer the Big Questions for yourself.

4. What work would you do if retirement weren’t an option? Is it what you’re doing now? For the majority of you, probably not. Make strides every day to move you toward what you truly want to be doing with your life. If you don’t know, take time every day to explore and discover what that would be. Make it a priority. Your life is too precious to waste it doing work that bores you to make money to buy things you don’t care about to impress people you don’t like. Do you actually like sitting in a cubicle? Does that truly excite you or have you just avoided trying to discover what it is that actually lights you up?

5. If money were a NON issue (meaning you had unlimited funds) what would you do with the money? Don’t be realistic. Just dream here for a second. We have been repressed into believing that we can’t actually be astronauts or circus directors or professional athletes. This is simply an exercise in repression-rejection. And if it’s “buy a ferrari” then write that. Don’t feel guilty, altruist. My guess is you’ll run out of materialistic things that you want and you’ll start to uncover some bigger, grander goals. One of mine? Open a school for underserved girls in India where they are given a holistic education that includes yoga and meditation and honors their femininity and right to be womanly in the world.

Take Action! Big changes only happen when we take action. We’re going to be talking about all this and more in my Four Month Transformational Health Intensive Video Series! Sign up here to get access to the free videos as they are released, find out more about the Alchemy Transformative Health Intensive, join the private facebook group and save the date for the series: 

APRIL 2: Alchemy of the Body: Why we’re so confused about the food we eat, why it may not be your fault, and what to do instead.

APRIL 9: Alchemy of the Mind: Breaking through the habits of the mind to create lasting success in our health, relationships, career, and spirituality.

APRIL 16: Alchemy of the Heart: Stop Selling Yourself Short, wake up to your fullest potential, love yourself everyday and grow through discomfort.

Namaste, Jenna