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Yes, I watched both of the 7th Harry Potter movies in a row this weekend. No I am not kidding. Yes I am serious that we can all be wizards. Tomorrow begins the free video series of my upcoming four month group program – Alchemy: Transformational Health Intensive. Alchemy is the power or process of transforming something common into something special, an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. Water into wine. Lead into gold. Negative into positive. As an alchemist at heart, I love transforming, creating and evolving. I think this is why I love yoga and meditation, my career as a health coach, and travel so much – their endless ability to transform your mind, heart and eyes.


I am here to help you transform as well as teach you how to be a sorcerer in your own life. Teach a man to fish, as they say. To turn the lead of your life into gold. To embrace the challenges of your life and turn them into something beautiful. Because that’s what I did. Turned setback after setback and grief and despair into fuel and fertilizer for the garden that was to become my life now.

When we plant the seeds of health and wellbeing with a whole foods, nourishing diet we can transmute the ordinary into the extraordinary. When we set up the foundation of our house correctly, the house will stand for many decades to come and it’s the same with our lives and health. Food, career, physical activity and the other more every day aspects of our lives must be in order so that we can focus on what truly matters like our spiritual practice, relationships and big dreams.

So join me tomorrow, for the completely free Alchemy Intensive Video Series. We are going to be talking about food as the foundation for your life- you driven, motivated, spiritual deep thinker, you. We’re going to talk about the three things that people with big dreams are missing or don’t understand about food and how this is continuing to make them play small, struggle with their weight and have lackluster energy. Join me by signing up here. Be sure to confirm your subscription in your email inbox in order to be added to the list!

Namaste my friend.

Jenna is a board certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher and is the health and wellness expert for the global yoga community. She presents workshops and classes regularly at Google and at yoga studios around the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps spiritual, visionary people with big dreams have more energy, lose weight without dieting, curb sugar cravings, and heal their relationship with food. She combines western holistic nutrition and eastern philosophy to maximize her clients’ transformations.