dont lose your edgeThanks Danielle.
I’ve often been called “too intense,” “too driven,” “too into yoga,” “too much of a dreamer, “not realistic enough,” “too emotional.”

And sometimes I DO feel like I’m too impulsive, emotional, driven, intense. That’s the nature of a Scorpio as well. The double-edged sword.

I have since learned that many of these “excesses” make me exactly who I am in all my beauty, fear, joy, shame, darkness, light, divinity.

And that the people who thought I was “too this or too that” were not meant to be in my life longer than the time I needed to learn that moment’s lesson. Because if someone can’t love you when you’re on the dark side of the sword of intensity, let’s say, why would they love the light side of your intensity? And if I can’t love the dark side of my emotional sword, I can’t fully appreciate the beautiful side of my emotions.

And, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to channel my once wild, intense energy into my life’s work and spiritual evolution. It’s never a perfect process but that’s the point. Dancing with the moment, trusting the Universe, embracing the discomfort…

What things have you been called too much of? What lessons did you learn? What does your process look like in terms of dealing with the parts of you that aren’t always desirable or lovely?

Shanti shanti,