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February 12, 4 PM Pacific Time: Loving Yourself, Simplified: a special Valentine’s day teleclass.

“Aloneness is full of joy and harmony, love and peace. In lonliness there is suffering, in aloneness there is no suffering.” -swamibrahmdev.

A modern, yogic take on how to love yourself first so you can then love others.

Unhappy with your current relationship or the fact that you’re not in one? Or maybe you’re happy with your relationship but always feel there’s room for improvement?
-Learn the skills and tools it takes to truly love yourself so that you can then love others.
-Cultivate more confidence and ease in your relationships and in yourself.
-Harness the power of Eastern wisdom and thought to guide you to love in your life.

March 12, 2:30 PM Pacific: Sugar Blues.

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Do you crave sweets on a regular basis? Do you see indulging in a pint of ice cream as a reward for making it through the day? Does eating something sweet help you get over that 3 pm slump? Sugar has been proven to be as addictive as caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and can keep yogis from shedding excess pounds and taking their practice to the next level. This workshop will begin with a detoxifying yoga practice. In this holistic health workshop for the yoga practitioner you will learn:

  • Top ways sugar is negatively affecting your health and happiness,
  • Tips to treat yourself without promoting your cravings
  • How your lifestyle is affecting your cravings
  • How to prevent and curb sugar cravings naturally

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